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Educational Endowment


Meritorious Effort

The Silver Lake Regional Middle School P.T.O. Educational Endowment for Meritorious Effort is awarded to an 8th grade student each spring. 

Objective: To encourage and recognize a SLRMS 8th grade student that would not normally be recognized, but who has made meritorious (valiant) effort and has grown as a learner during 8th grade at SLRMS.

Award: $250 Endowment the recipient may use to further their education. This could be used towards an educational summer camp, career and technical training, school supplies, a computer, etc. This award will be paid for by SLRMS PTO annually.


Selection: Nominees for this award will be made by 8th grade teachers. Nomination forms will be made available to teachers May 5th. In order to encompass the entire school body, students in the special education department should be included as well. The PTO will form a committee, comprised of a PTO Board Member, 7th Grade Teacher, and Community Member; to review nominations and decide upon a recipient. The SLRMS Guidance Department will review all nomination forms prior to the committee to give feedback by the use of stars. Doing so will allow for a wider view of the nominee without breaching confidentiality. After this review nomination forms will be forwarded to the committee. The committee will not see the names of the nominator and nominee to ensure decisions are unbiased. Each teacher is encouraged to nominate a student for the award.



_____ Significantly raised grades from Quarter 1 to Quarter 3 of the student’s 8th grade

_____ Fewer Disciplinary Infractions
_____ Displays School Pride
_____ Improved Peer Relations and Teacher Respect

_____ Met classroom expectations (Improved attendance when attendance has been a

_____ Overcame an obstacle that impeded upon the students ability to learn

Nomination Form Due Date: To allow the selection committee ample time to make their decision, the due date for nominations is May 29th. Nominations should be emailed to the PTO at


Evening of Excellence: The committee will come to a decision by June 5th. Once the committee has selected a recipient for the Educational Endowment, they will notify the guidance department. The guidance department will notify the student and their family. Once an invoice for educational expenditure has been received, reimbursement will be issued.

As of 2020/2021:

$250 will be awarded to one student from each 8th grade team.

Class of 2024 Recipient:

Kelley Savoie - Halifax

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